We're excited that you're interested in serving with the MCN AmeriCorps VISTA Program! Our VISTA positions are listed below and grouped by primary focus area: Program Development, Community Engagement, Communications, and Service Leadership. 

We are still recruiting for several of our VISTA positions!

Please feel free to scroll below to see which sites are still accepting applications. 

If interested, please create a profile and application on the my.americorps.gov website. You can then use this profile and follow the links below to apply to the position(s) that interest you the most.

For any questions regarding My AmeriCorps or the MCN VISTA program, please contact Jesse at 651-757-3083.


Program Development


African Development Center

Systems Development Specialist

 African Development Center helps the African immigrant and refugee community grow businesses, build wealth, and increase investment in Minnesota’s African communities. The systems development specialist will assist in the creation and implementation of data management systems to ultimately help our orgnaization share the full impact of our work with funders and community partners. 

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African Economic Development Solutions
Fund Development and Volunteer Recruitment Specialist

As the Fund Development and Volunteer Recruitment VISTA you will develop strategies to make our organization more effective in the work we do. Under the supervision of the Executive Director, our VISTA will work on developing and executing fund development strategies. By cultivating substantial relationships with foundations and donors, and by maximizing our manpower through leveraging volunteers and our networks within the arts and small business communities, you’ll have the unique opportunity to take our organization’s impact to the next level. This position will give you hands on experience with developing creative strategies to steer our dynamic non-profit towards sustainability. 

Position Filled!


American Indian Family Center
Development Specialist

The AIFC is looking to enhance its protocol for managing recruiting, training, supporting and retaining volunteers and interns to support the programs and services provided to families we serve. In addition, it has become apparent through the work of staff in the community that public awareness of AIFC is relatively minimal. As a result, marketing, grant management, fundraising, communications, outreach and engagement efforts are needed to strengthen initial and ongoing partner and donor connections and fiscal support.

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Exodus Lending

Organization Strengthener

Our VISTA will help us grow the program, which, although successful in our work, remains fairly unknown in the community. The VISTA will help us in spreading the word and raising awareness of the problem of payday loans and how Exodus Lending can help individuals who are trapped by these loans break free and start to save for the future.  The VISTA will also work with staff to make the program even more effective, by helping us learn from our program participants what would enhance our program in order that borrowers would be more financially successful in the future.

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Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota
Program Associate

The Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota was established in 1983 with the mission of enhancing the quality of life for Minnesota Lao families. LACM serves approximately 1,000 low-income and limited English-speaking Lao community members annually through a continuum of 5 programs including health, housing, employment, seniors, and civic engagement.With the help of VISTA, LACM seeks to develop stronger “systems” (i.e., data collection, grant management, fund development, partnership development) that will enhance programming and organizational sustainability.

Position Filled!


Ka Joog
Program Specialist

The Program Specialist will advance Ka Joog’s mission through a variety of capacity-building activities including: student-parent engagement; fundraising and development; and evaluation. The VISTA member will learn a variety of valuable skills necessary for running a nonprofit while providing critical support that will result in a long-term positive impact on the organization.

Position Filled!


Community Engagement


All Parks Alliance for Change

Community Engagement Specialist

Manufactured home parks are a critical source of affordable housing, but, with the rising foreclosure risk, they face the threat of a park being sold or closed. The community engagement specialist will help build capacity through expanding and maintaining community partners and resources for home park residents to ultimately increase the capacity for residents to take collective action through stronger community actions. 

Position Filled!


Casa de Esperanza

Community Capacity Building Specialist

Casa de Esperanza provides comprehensive services and resources for Latin@ individuals, families, community members, and organizations. The organization's work is grounded in efforts that advance effective responses to eliminate violence and promote healthy relationships and that resonate in Latin@ communities. Effectively engaging volunteers and sharing our work with external audiences, the VISTA volunteer will help build our capacity to address these issues by supporting our work to make ending domestic violence everyone’s work.

Position Filled!


Cedar Riverside NRP
Community Engagement Specialist

The central goal for CRNRP’s VISTA project is to encourage underrepresented constituents to actively participate in our planning and implementation efforts to improve economic, educational, and safety outcomes for all our community members. The VISTA member will contribute to this goal by sustaining and increasing our capacity for productive, effective communications, outreach and community engagement.

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Karen Organization of Minnesota
Community Engagement Specialist

The Community Engagement Coordinator will increase support for refugees from Burma in Minnesota through several volunteer management and public relations activities. They will recruit, train, and support volunteers and interns in areas including youth mentorship, English and vocational training, walk-in services, and special projects. They will use print, online, and video communications strategies to strengthen relationships with clients, donors, and other community members. Finally, they will increase broader community awareness and support of refugees from Burma by coordinating Karen culture presentations and special events.

Position Filled!


Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center

Volunteer and Communications Coordinator

The Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC) is a non-profit social and educational services organization committed to the holistic growth and development of American Indian women and their families. TThrough Events Planning, Volunteer Coordination, and Communications/Social Media activities, the VISTA Volunteer will increase the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center’s capacity to engage extra-agency financial and human capital support for our mission.

Position Filled!


Council on American-Islamic Relations, MN

Outreach Coordinator

The outreach director will be building capacity in the form of expanding CAIR-MN's training network by researching and building a database resource of Minnesota employers and other organizations such as nonprofits and government agencies. The intention of building the database is to then do outreach to the employers by region and arrange CAIR-MN trainings for employers and their employees.

Position Filled!




Dream of Wild Health
Evaluation and Communications Specialist 

Dream of Wild Health restores health and well-being in the Native American community by recovering knowledge of and access to healthy Indigenous foods, medicines and lifeways. We share our knowledge, resources and skills with others in strategic efforts to reduce poverty, improve health and nutrition, and reconnect people and plants in a reciprocal relationship. The Communications and Evaluation Specialist will strategically bolster Dream of Wild Health capacity to increase our impact on the health of the Native American community using technology and engagement.

Position Filled!


Frogtown Farms

Communication and Development Specialist

As a growing organization, Frogtown Farm has struggled to build the organizational infrastructure quick enough to meet the demand for our programs and products. In order to continue to grow we need to be able to tell our story to community members, potential funders, customers and volunteers in a consistent and comprehensive way. We also need to tap the excitement and interest in the farm to build a grassroots donor base to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization. 

Position Filled!


MIGIZI Communications, Inc.
Marketing and Communications VISTA

The goal of the Marketing and Communications VISTA is three-fold and will focus on Social Media protocols and visibility, improved web content, and the creation of a Virtual Alumni Network. Simply stated, the goal of the Marketing and Communications VISTA is to significantly improve MIGIZI’s virtual presence, web and social media content, and develop a communication network with our alumni and our worldwide allies.

Position Filled!



Communications and Sustainability Specialist

Standpoint is a statewide organization whose mission is to promote justice for domestic and sexual violence victims. The goal of the communications and sustainability specialist is to ultimately develop resources necessary to provide better and more holistic communication about Standpoint services and information about domestic and sexual violence, specifically directed towards diverse and underserved communities. It is clear the need for legal assistance for domestic and sexual violence victims in these communities is great, and ensuring that the proper information is received by the populations that need it is imperative.

Position Filled!


Women's Initiative for Self-Empowerment

Communications and Development Coordinator

The Women's Initiative for Self-Empowerment is rooted in four core values: diversity, self-determination, economic sustainability, and social justice. The communications and development coordinator will build capacity through maintaining partnerships and seeking new opportunities for collaboration to leverage resources for the success of immigrant and refugee women and girls. In addition, the coordinator will ensuring WISE, Inc.’s sustainability to continue its mission into the future through diversified funding sources, effective management, strong governance and appropriate planning, including succession planning.

Position Filled!


Service Leadership


Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
VISTA Leader

**To be eligible for this position you must have successfully completed a full term of VISTA, other state/national AmeriCorps program or Peace Corps.**

The VISTA Leader will support the growth and success of the MCN’s VISTA program as it supports the success of 19 VISTA members placed in culturally-specific nonprofits across the Twin Cities Metro. This goal will be accomplished by delivering professional development opportunities, recruiting VISTA members for the 2017-2018 service year, providing technical assistance to VISTA members and supervisors, and developing the groundwork for the additional growth of the program in the coming year. 

Position Filled!


Please refer any questions regarding the application process to Jesse Chang, VISTA Program Coordinator at jchang@minnesotanonprofits.org or 651-757-3083.