VISTAs visit HAFA Farm for September 11 National Day of Service

We had a beautiful, meaningful 9/11 Day of Service at the Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA) Farm in September! VISTAs spent the day outside helping HAFA staff prepare for their 2nd Annual Open House, which took place that Sunday.

Together VISTAs painted event signs, unloaded furniture and a bouncy castle, cleaned the farmhouse, mowed the lawn, set up the hay wagon for rides and picked green beans for the event, among other activities.

HAFA staff appreciated our contributions. They stated that the work we accomplished in one day would have taken their team a week to finish!

We ended the day with a closing circle of all VISTAs and HAFA staff, where we answered the question, "What did you learn about yourself today and what did you enjoy?"

With all the work our VISTAs do for their organizations on a daily basis, it was great to get out of the office and interact an awesome organization like HAFA in person. Find out more about HAFA and how you can get involved in their work at their website!